Welcome! Yes, I'm alive!

by Firesphere

This is the first post ever on this new website. The colouring and styling is based on the Norway Today theme for NetBeans and the content is all about my work.

Often, some jokes are involved. Mostly geek-jokes, but I think that's good! Can you find them?

This website and all it's content will be dedicated to all I have worked on. Websites, modules, or even the little things like cool bash-scripts you can use to improve the security of your server. It ranges from HTML to C++ and Java to Python.

This website is also based on the dark NetBeans theme I mentioned before. The entire website will (hopefully) be in this colouring.


Well, I'm a programmer, I like it! That should be enough!

Why NetBeans?

I like NetBeans. Ok, admitted, it has a few downsides, but it's by far the best free IDE there is. I can think of only one IDE that might beat NetBeans, and that's anything made by JetBrains. But then again, JetBrains products aren't free. So, I choose to use NetBeans at home.

More to follow, but for now, enjoy your coding.